Luxury Pearl Set 8-9mm (Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings)

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The enthusiasm for pearls originated in the European royal nobles in the 16th century. 

At that time, they also enacted legislation for pearls. It was called "The Pearl Age". 

Only the imperial courts could wear pearls. Pearls were a class and status at the time. Symbol, a glimpse of the historical status of pearls throughout Europe


Whether attending an event or a wedding ceremony, pearl necklaces are a must-have exquisite accessory for every girl

With the continuous exposure of pearl necklaces, major stars in Europe and the United States have also begun to be keen on simple, luxurious and fashionable pearl necklaces, matching black suits or skirts, which are particularly eye-catching.

Pearls grow in pearl mussels in the sea. There are many essences and dirty things in the growth environment of pearl mussels, but the mussels can replace the dirty things and make the essence into beads.

Modern medical research has found that pearls contain a large number of trace elements, which have the effects of anti-oxidation, enhancing skin activity, clearing away heat and detoxification, etc., and also have the effects of whitening, growing muscles, removing acne, controlling oil, and diminishing spots.

We have always insisted on using the original ecological pearls. Because of our insistence on real materials, we have also won praise and sharing from many customers who order our products!

pearl raw materials are collected from 4-8 years of adult mussels. Only after 4-8 years of gestation, the pearl material in the mussels will be more uniform and fuller in color.

Our necklace uses 8mm-8.5mm pearls, all of which are bred by adult mussels for more than 4 years

After the raw material pearls are taken and professionally cleaned, we will have professional staff use professional machines to screen for poor quality pearls with hollow interiors

Make sure that every pearl made into a necklace is of high quality

After the screening, each pearl has full color, uniform material and good shape

After screening, there will be a dedicated person responsible for selecting pearls of roughly the same size together, and then the next person will be responsible for making them into pearl necklaces

This can ensure that every necklace made is the same size and the overall beauty of the necklace